Taiko drumming is the perfect team building exercise. Most conventional team building workshops involve several groups competing with one another to attain a prize or simply to win, without imparting any long term motivational or inspirational effects.

Taiko is the complete opposite.

Taiko drumming requires full group unity, within which the individual can harness their own personal identity.

Starting with basic skill practise and repetition of rhythm patterns, each participant learns to explore the nature of the drum and their own expression. We slowly build upon the rhythm and group dynamics, leading to a small performance which demonstrates the awesome power of working as one.

It is the ultimate activity that puts everyone on an equal level, requiring the same focus, effort & discipline from all.

Participants always report feeling empowered and motivated after our workshops. Those who have never been musical, or perhaps a bit shy in group settings often discover a sense of personal courage or joy which can suprise them.

Most importantly, everyone can walk away having felt and understood the authenticity of effective team work at its best.


We provide the drums and equipment.

We tailor each session dependant on your needs.

For more information please get in touch and tell us about your requirements and we will get back to you with a quote and further details.