We offer fun and inspiring drumming workshops & performances suitable for primary, secondary mainstream and SEN pupils between KS1 and KS5 which fit with your school curriculum.

With over 20 year’s experience, our facilitator will lead a lively, fun and exhilarating workshop. Your pupils will have the opportunity to play high quality traditional Japanese drums as they are introduced to the amazing and dynamic world of Japanese Taiko.

In a world consumed by internet, progress and instant gratification, our children can find it difficult to slow down, both mentally and physically, to express themselves and to be in the moment.

Taiko is perfect for children as it involves a well structured and calmly paced progression. Pupils respond well to routine, repetition, discipline and clarity.



Session length

1 hour per session – 4 sessions maximum per booking (longer sessions can be arranged – please contact us for advice)

30 minute sessions are recommended for SEN schools

Children will learn the following
 – To work together as a team
 – Social skills & etiquette
 – Sense of self awareness
 – Personal courage in a group setting
 – The feeling of joyful expression

Educational benefits & outcomes – Participants will:
Develop knowledge and appreciation of music and a discipline unique to another culture
Learn how Taiko music is traditional taught in Japan through body stance, memorization, mnemonics, phrasing, choreography, the use of etiquette and using simple Japanese language
Use and develop observational skills and etiquette, developing an ability to experience and understand the benefits of team work.
Learn a traditional piece of music which can be performed in front of the school.

Access and space requirements
All participants should wear loose and comfortable clothing (as Taiko is very much a sporting activity)
A hall, which MUST BE ON THE GROUND FLOOR with easy access for our vehicle.
The space will need to be at least 9m x 9m.
Our facilitator will need 1 hour to set up and 1 hour to pack away



  • 4 x 1 hour sessions
  • Up to 30 participants per session
  • £450 & travel (plus accommodation if necessary)

A professional Taiko Performance can be provided at extra cost depending on requirements.

If you have any specific requirements, please get in touch for a bespoke quote.